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I am only in first/second year, and I have heard the Conference can be very technical. Why should I still attend?

NIBC truly has something to offer to everyone. It may be true that some aspects of the Conference are fairly technical, but this provides a great learning experience to our younger delegates. In addition, the networking opportunities at the event are a great way for younger students to gain a better perspective of what the finance industry is like in reality and allows them to be more prepared when deciding which path to take in their education and career.

Why is this Conference during the week and not on a weekend?

Hosting NIBC during the week makes it convenient for professionals that are involved in the event. It contributes greatly to the overall success of the event and allows for the variety of ample networking opportunities available. In addition, the Conference is placed in March so it does not conflict with any major academic dates.

I am interested in finance, but not so much investment banking. Will there be any opportunities to learn more about the other aspects of finance?

The focus of the National Investment Banking Competition & Conference has moved away from solely investment banking in order to cater to a more diverse group of students. As a result, it provides a broader view of the opportunities available within the capital markets, such as asset management and sales & trading. The event does this in a variety of ways such as panels, workshops, and simulations on the different aspects of the capital markets.

I am not from Canada or the United States. Will I need a visa to attend the Conference?

It is the responsibility of the student wishing to attend the National Investment Banking Competition & Conference to have the proper travel documents. If you are in fact not Canadian or a permanent resident of Canada, you may require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). For a list of nationalities that require a visa to visit Canada, see here. For more information on the TRV and the application process, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada.



How are the cases structured and developed? How are they different from the typical case study?

Each year's Competition consists of a Preliminary Round case and Final Round case, both of which involve publicly traded companies and which together are meant to provide students with the most authentic investment banking experience possible. The cases are developed by industry professionals on the NIBC Case Committee in collaboration with the Organizing Team.

I have heard of “The Reception & Boardroom Experience." What is it all about?

Competitors who advance to the Final Round will have the opportunity to attend a private reception for competitors and professionals, as well as to deliver a pitch to professionals in the boardrooms of banks in downtown Vancouver.


Corporate, Academia & Professionals

My company is interested in sponsoring the NIBC initiative. What types of partnership opportunities are there?

Our team would like to thank our corporate sponsors for their support and continued presence at NIBC. We would be happy to send you a sponsorship package, which outlines the key partnership opportunities available.

Our school is interested in sending students to compete in the case competition. Who may I speak with for more information regarding case development, funding, etc.?

Over 100 universities from North America, South America, Asia and Europe have competed in our case competitions since inception. Please contact William Liaw for more information at

My company is interested in providing media coverage (print, digital, online, etc.) on NIBC. Who may I contact?

Through print, digital, or online media, NIBC has been featured by a number of professional and student avenues in the past including but not limited to: The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, Rotman Finance Association, and the Sauder School of Business. For further information, please contact Jane Li at with your specific inquiry. A press release on your topic of interest is available upon request.